Today Patrese is unanimously considered the best Italian driver. Everybody knows his name, every motor racing fan knows his face.Read Article
Riccardo Patrese is the most experienced man in Grand Prix history. Far from being past his prime, he is as capable as ever of beating the ‘stars’.Read Article
Of all the racing drivers I have known, he, next to Mario Andretti, never spoke of retirement, nor appeared even to consider it. Read Article
Absurd as it seems now, for much of Patrese’s career, I resolutely avoided contact with him, this the consequence of a brief conversation we had at Zandvoort in 1979Read Article
Patrese, a well-rounded individual, with an awareness of life beyond F1, is dealing with retirement rather more readily than some of his colleagues. Read Article
Riccardo has flown with the Frecce Tricolori. Chronicle of a special emotion packed day, even for someone who is already familiar with speedRead Article